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advent technologies is a world leader in the development of high-temperature membrane electrode assembly (mea) technology for use in high-temperature pem fuel cells and hydrogen clean up devices. our materials and components are used to enable clean energy solutions in: • specialty fuel cell applications: military battery rechargers, aerospace, telecom, remote power, hydrogen generation. • drastically improve wind and solar energy storage (redox flow batteries). this is the #1 problem to solve to match production with demand for these sectors. we have also collaborated to deliver solutions in the very important fields of: • home energy: very efficient (>90%) clean electricity and heat from natural gas. over 100,000 of these systems sold. but they are expensive due to platinum. we have managed to make them platinum free. • car/transportation: charge your car in 5 minutes with h2 from natural gas, go 300 miles. it takes hours for an electric car. unlike an electric car fuel cells are tru

Market Cap: 13.6 Million

Primary Exchange: NASDAQ


Shares Outstanding: 22.1 Million

Float: 0

Dividend: 0.0 (0.0%)

Beta: 0.0

Sector: Manufacturing

Industry: Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing

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Longest drawdown: 1024 trading days

From: 2021-02-09 To: 2024-03-07

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